SelectingSuper AAA Quality Assessments

SelectingSuper Quality Rating

When selecting a superannuation fund, you should look for to see if the fund promotes itself as being a AAA rated fund, as assessed by SelectingSuper.

If a fund's products are awarded a AAA assessment from SelectingSuper this means the fund has passed a comprehensive range of "best-practice" measures and benchmarks ranging from the organisation running the fund, to administration, communications, investment mix and extra services.

Over 500 products were assessed in 2019 and only 174 were awarded a AAA rating.

The products listed below have all earned the SelectingSuper AAA Quality Assessment in 2019.

If you would like more information about the criteria applied to rewarding a

AAA Quality Assessment click here

Superannuation Fund AAA Rated Product
AMG Super Logo AMG Corporate Super
AMG Pension
AMG Personal Super
Australian Catholic Superannuation Logo Australian Catholic Superannuation - Personal Plan
Australian Catholic Superannuation - RetireChoice
CareSuper Logo CareSuper
CareSuper Pension
CareSuper Personal Plan
Colonial First State Logo Colonial First State - FirstChoice Employer Super
Colonial First State - FirstChoice Wholesale Pension
Colonial First State - First Choice Wholesale personal Super
Cbus Superannuation logo Cbus Industry Super
Cbus Personal Super
Cbus Sole Traders Super
Cbus Super Income Stream
EISS Super Logo EISS Pension
EISS Super - Personal
First State Super Logo First State Super - Employer Sponsored
First State Super - Pension
First State Super - Personal
HESTA Superannuation Logo HESTA
HESTA Income Stream
HESTA Personal Super
Hostplus Superannuation logo Hostplus
Hostplus Pension
Hostplus Personal Super
IAG & NRMA corporate Superannuation Logo IAG & NRMA Superannuation Plan
IAG & NRMA Superannuation Plan Retirement Income Stream
LUCRF Superannuation Logo LUCRF Pensions
LUCRF Super Personal Plan
Local Government Super Logo LGS Account-Based Pension Plan
LGS Accumulation Scheme
Maritime Super Logo Maritime Super Allocated Pension
Maritime Super
Media Super Logo Media Super
Media Super Personal
Media Super Retirement Pension
MTAA Superannuation Logo MTAA Super
MTAA Super Pension
MTAA Super Personal
Prime Super logo Prime Super - Income Stream
Prime Super - Personal (Prime Division)
Prime Super - Personal (Health Division)
Prime Super (Prime Division)
Prime Super (Health Division)
REI Super Logo REI Super
REI Super Pension
Super SA logo Southern State Superannuation Scheme
Super SA Income Stream
TWU Super logo TransPension

ANZ Australian Staff Superannuation Scheme ANZ Australian Staff Superannuation Scheme - Employee Section
  ANZ Australian Staff Superannuation Scheme - Personal Section
  ANZ Australian Staff Superannuation Scheme - Retirement Section
Aon Master Trust smartMonday DIRECT
Australian Meat Industry Superannuation Trust AMIST Pension
  AMIST Super Employer Sponsored Division
  AMIST Super Personal Division
AustralianSuper Australian Super
  AustralianSuper Choice Income
  AustralianSuper Personal Plan
AvSuper Fund AvSuper
  AvSuper Corporate
  AvSuper Retirement Income Stream
BT Super for Life BT Super for Life - Retirement
  BT Super for Life - Savings
Building Unions Superannuation Scheme (Queensland) BUSSQ MySuper
  BUSSQ Pension Choice
  BUSSQ Premium Choice
Christian Super Christian Super Pension
Club Plus Superannuation Scheme Club Plus Industry Division
  Club Plus Pension
  Club Plus Super Personal Division
Commonwealth Bank Group Super Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Accumulate Plus
Commonwealth Essential Super Essential Super - Employer
  Essential Super - Personal
Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation Public Sector Superannuation accumulation plan
Emergency Services Superannuation Scheme ESSSuper Accumulation Plan
  ESSSuper Beneficiary Account
  ESSSuper Income Streams
Energy Super Energy Super
  Energy Super Income Stream
Equipsuper Equip Corporate
  Equip MyFuture
  Equip MyFuture Personal
  Equip MyPension
  Equip Pensions
First Super First Super - Allocated Pensions
  First Super - Employer Sponsored
  First Super - Personal
Government Employees Superannuation Fund GESB Retirement income Allocated Pension
Guild retirement Fund GuildSuper
ING Direct Superannuation Fund ING DIRECT Living Super - Pension Account
Intrust Super Fund Intrust Super - Core Super
  Intrust Super - Executive Super
  Intrust Super - Select Super
  Intrust Super - Super Stream
IOOF Portfolio Service Superannuation Fund IOOF Employer Super - Employer
  IOOF Employer Super - Pension
  IOOF Employer Super - Personal
Legalsuper legalsuper
  legalsuper - Pension
  legalsuper - Personal
Local Authorities Superannuation Fund Vision Income Streams
  Vision Personal Plan
  Vision Super Saver
Local Government Superannuation Scheme LGIAsuper Accumulation
  LGIAsuper Pension
Lutheran Super Lutheran Super
  Lutheran Super - Pension
Mercer Super Trust Mercer Super Trust - Allocated Pension Division
  Mercer Super Trust - Corporate Super Division
  Virgin Money Super Employer Division
Mercy Super Mercy Super
  Mercy Super Income Streams
Mine Superannuation Fund Mine Super
  Mine Super Account-based Pension
MLC Super Fund MLC MasterKey Pension Fundamentals
  MLC MasterKey Super Fundamentals
  Plum Personal Super
MyLifeMyMoney Superannuation Fund Catholic Super
  Catholic Super Personal Plan
  MyLife MyPension
  MyLife MySuper Employer Sponsored
  MyLife MySuper Personal Plan
New South Wales Electrical Superannuation Scheme NESS Pension
NGS Super NGS Super Accumulation
  NGS Super Accumulation Personal
  NGS Super Income
OnePath MasterFund ANZ Smart Choice Pension
  ANZ Smart Choice Super - Employer
  ANZ Smart Choice Super - Personal
Perpetual WealthFocus Superannuation Fund Perpetual WealthFocus Pension Plan
  Perpetual WealthFocus Super Plan
Qantas Superannuation Plan Qantas Superannuation Plan - Gateway Income Account
QSuper QSuper Accumulation Account
  QSuper Income Account
Retail Employees Superannuation Trust Acumen
  Rest Corporate
  Rest Pension
  Rest Super
Russell Investments Master Trust Russell iQ Retirement
  Russell iQ Super
Statewide Superannuation Trust StatewideSuper
  StatewideSuper Pension
  StatewideSuper Personal
Suncorp Master Trust Suncorp Everyday Super
Sunsuper Superannuation Fund Sunsuper for Life - Income Account
  Sunsuper for Life - Super-Savings Account
  Sunsuper for Life Business
  Sunsuper for Life Corporate
Tasplan Superannuation Fund TASPLAN
  TASPLAN - Tasplan Pension
Telstra Superannuation Scheme Telstra Super Corporate Plus
  Telstra Super Personal Plus
  Telstra Super Retire Access
The Bendigo Superannuation Plan Bendigo SmartStart pension
  Bendigo SmartStart Super - Employer
The Victorian Independent Schools Superannuation Fund VISSF Accumulation
  VISSF Pension
UniSuper UniSuper
  UniSuper Pension
  UniSuper Personal Accounts
Victorian Superannuation Fund VicSuper Flexible Income
  VicSuper FutureSaver
  VicSuper FutureSaver - Personal
WA Local Government Superannuation Plan WA Super Retirement Solutions
Zurich Master Superannuation Fund Zurich Account-Based Pension
Ethical super fund cuts fees
26 February 2020, 12:20pm
An ethical superannuation fund is set to cut its administration fee by 12 basis points as it looks to pass on scale benefits. Read more

When comparing super funds and considering what is right for you, look for funds displaying the AAA Quality Assessment and Rainmaker SelectingSuper Award logos.

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