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Everything HESTA does is driven by one goal:to make a real difference to the lives of our members, and of women in Australia. And with more than 820,000 members and $40 billion in assets, we've learned a thing or two about looking after super. We're the national industry super fund dedicated to people who provide world-class health, education and community services in the world. Our members work in aged care, private and public hospitals, community services, primary health care and early childhood education and care. We're all about creating a better future for them to enjoy when they retire - and a healthier one for women across Australia.

We keep fees down, costs low and don't pay commissions to financial advisers, keeping more of our members' super working as hard as they do. And we help them take control of their future through education and advice, at no extra cost.

We keep fees down, costs low and don't pay commissions to financial advisers, keeping more of our members' super working as hard as they do. And we help them take control of their future through education and advice, at no extra cost.

Our Board is made up of 14 Directors, with equal appointments from employee and employer organisations in health and community services, an Independent Chair and an Independent Director -keeping our members and employers at the centre of key decisions.

Our focus on our members' needs and on strong long-term performance has earned us the highest rating from agencies including SelectingSuper's AAA Quality Rating. In 2016, HESTA won SelectingSuper's Personal Select Choice Product of the Year.

Product Inception Date




Year Established


Fund Value

40 billion

Fund Membership


Key Features

  • Our default option, Core Pool, returned 10.96% in 2016/17 (well above its target) and 8.77% p.a. since inception 30 years ago. Our long-term investment approach is central to building the retirement savings of our members.
  • We keep our fees down -and never charge entry, exit or contribution fees.
  • We're with members wherever they go, Australia-wide -the HESTA app (with digital member card) makes it easier for them to take HESTA to their next job and keep track of their super.
  • Our members have 24/7 protection through default Income Protection Cover to age 67 and Death Cover to age 75. Lump-sum Total and Permanent Disablement Cover is also available.
  • Knowledge is power: members can take control of tomorrow with personal advice about super at no extra cost, and full fee-for-service financial planning.
  • We partner with employers to make super admin easier -QuickSuper clearing house is SuperStreamcompliant and free for HESTA employers.
  • Our members' super is in great hands -our investment managers are monitored by our investment consultant, in conjunction with our Investment Strategy Unit, and Board.
  • They have a wealth of investment options -four Ready-Made Investment Pools, seven Your Choice Asset Classes or to create their own mix.
  • We're here for today and tomorrow -we're one of Australia's largest investors in renewable energy, climate solutions and other investments that benefit our planet and its people. HESTA's fund managers must consider impacts on community and climate when they evaluate the companies we invest in.
  • We can help members write their next chapter - by staying with us to retire or transition to retirement with HESTA Income Stream. Its impressive 11.23% return in 2016/17 from the Balanced option and solid 5.45% from the Defensive option, which together create its default investment strategy, made it a good performer. And its innovative structure lets members gradually reduce the amount of risk in their investments, over time.

Information provided by H.E.S.T. Australia Ltd ABN 66 006 818 695 AFSL 235249, the Trustee of Health Employees Superannuation Trust Australia (HESTA) ABN 64 971 749 321. Before making a decision about HESTA products you should read the relevant Product Disclosure Statement (call 1800 813 327 or visit hesta.com.au for a copy), and consider any relevant risks (hesta.com.au/understandingrisk). This information is current as at 30 June 2017. While every attempt has been made to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the information, it is not guaranteed in any way.

Investment Option Descriptions

Investment Option Names Description Medium term (5yrs) investment objective Long term (10yrs) investment objective
Conservative Pool Invests in a diversified portfolio, including unlisted assets, with a growth weighting around 33%. CPI+1.5% CPI+3%
Core Pool (our MySuper default option) Invests in a highly diversified portfolio, including unlisted assets, with a growth exposure of around 71%. CPI+3.0% CPI+4%
Shares Plus Invests in a diversified portfolio including assets other than shares, such as global credit and unlisted assets. CPI+4.0% CPI+4.5%
Eco Pool Has a diversified portfolio of assets, while investing in companies demonstrating best practice sustainability performance. CPI+3.0% CPI+4%
Your Choice Members can choose from seven asset class options, which can be blended to create a tailored investment approach. Based on benchmarks for each asset class Based on benchmarks for each asset class

Investment Option Performance

Investment Performance Growth Asset Weighting 1 year 3 years (pa) 5 years (pa)
Conservative Pool Defensive 66.1% Growth 33.9% 6.66% 6.00% 7.08%
Core Pool Defensive 29.0% Growth 71.% 10.96% 7.95% 10.33%
Shares Plus Defensive 10.3% Growth 89.7% 12.79% 8.45% 11.78%
Eco Pool Defensive 28.0% Growth 72% 14.54% 11.67% 13.86%
Your Choice Visit hesta.com.au for details      

Growth Asset Weighting and Performance to 30 June 2017

Insurance Options Available

Flexible, 24/7 coverage including Death only, Death & TPD, and Income Protection

Extra Benefits Available

Limited and full financial advice tailored to members' needs, online account access, online investment switching, business loans, home loans, insurance ?private health, special banking benefits through ME.

Member Communications

Regular information, news, limited advice and stories about super, our members and our industry including: e-newsletters; education seminars; online PDSs; a half-yearly record of contributions, and an annual statement.

Employer Services

QuickSuper ? clearing house; Client Relationship Managers for every state/territory; monthly contribution advices; newsletters; employer magazines.

Fees & Charges

Investment fee Nil
Administration fee* $1.25 per week, plus 0.08% p.a. for Core Pool and 0.10% for other options (subject to a fee cap)*
Buy-sell spread Nil
Switching fee Nil
Exit fee Nil
Advice fees relating to all members Nil
Other fees and costs See Fees and costs at hesta.com.au/pds for information about activity fees, insurance fees and advice fees for personal advice
Indirect cost ratio Range of 0.04% to 3.4% p.a.
Core Pool 0.75%

*The percentage based Administration Fee is not charged on any amount of your account balance in excess of $350,00.
Fees at 30 June 2017

Service Providers

Service Providers
Administrator Australian Administration Services Pty Ltd (part of LINK group)
Asset Consultant Frontier Advisors Pty Ltd
Auditor PwC, KPMG
Custodian JPMorgan Chase Bank
Insurer CommInsure
Lawyer Corrs Chambers Westgarth, Allens Linklaters, HWL Ebsworth, Holding Redlich, Mills Oakley Lawyers

40 billion
SelectingSuper's Super Fund of the Year Award
Principal Contact
Debby Blakey
Member Telephone
1800 813 327
Employer Telephone
1800 813 327
Member Fax
1300 368 636
Locked Bag 5136, Parramatta, NSW 2124
Member Email
Employer Email
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