Employer Consulting Services

SelectingSuper Consulting Services provide comprehensive and independent information about superannuation and Australia's superannuation providers.

Enable your company to make informed decisions about Workplace Super arrangements.

Services include:

1. Superannuation Tender Management Services

2. Superannuation Assessment Reports

3. Fund Briefing Reports 

Superannuation Tender Management Services
SelectingSuper can manage a full tender process for your company's superannuation arrangements. Whether you wish to outsource your superannuation fund or you wish to review/change your current superannuation provider.

Our tender services are independent and are run on a transparent, flat fee for service basis, where we don't receive any commissions or payments from the superannuation providers.

We treat all superannuation fund types equally and assess them based on your requirements and their ability to meet those requirements.

An obligation free introductory meeting and quotation can be provided, Contact Us for details.

Superannuation Assessment Reports
Provides a comprehensive, easy to read report which compares and contrasts between 4 to 7 superannuation providers.

These reports can be used by Employers and Policy Committees looking to review their superannuation provider, alternatively they can also be used by Trustees and Superannuation Providers to obtain a detailed assessment of where their fund truly sits in the marketplace. Many superannuation funds have already used our reports to strengthen their product offering.

The Report includes a detailed review of each providers offering from your shortlist, covering investment options and performance, insurance, fees and charges, extra benefits and services, service providers, administration and financial planning services.

Fund Briefing Reports
Provides a basic report which compares and contrasts between 1 to 3 superannuation providers.

The Report is designed for Employers and Policy Committees who need a due diligence report on their superannuation provider measured against the industry benchmarks. Items covered are investment performance, investment choices, insurance, fees and charges, extra benefits and services. The Comparative Fund Briefing Report, which covers 2 to 3 superannuation providers, compares your provider to the industry benchmarks and other providers.

Contact Us for more information and to see how competitive our prices are.

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When comparing super funds and considering what is right for you, look for funds displaying the AAA Quality Assessment and Rainmaker SelectingSuper Award logos.