MySuper Products

The table below details top rated MySuper products that support SelectingSuper.

MySuper product name Offered through Quality Assessment SPIN
AustSafe MySuper Austsafe AAA 92398191503985
AustSuper MySuper AustralianSuper AAA 65714394898856
CareSuper MySuper CARE Super AAA 98172275725867
Cbus MySuper CBUS AAA 75493363262473
CommBank Accumulate MySuper CommBank Group Super AAA 24248426878648
EISS MySuper EISS AAA 22277243559311
Energy MySuper Energy Super AAA 33761363685380
FSS MySuper Lifecycle FSS Trustee Corporation AAA 53226460365073
HESTA MySuper Core Pool HESTA AAA 64971749321585
HOSTPLUS MySuper Balanced option HOSTPLUS AAA 68657495890198
LUCRF MySuper LUCRF AAA 26382680883067
Media Super Balanced Media Super AAA 42574421650098
Prime Super MySuper Prime Super AAA 60562335823668
PSS MySuper Commonwealth Super Corporation AAA 65127917725842
REI MySuper REI Super AAA 76641658449129
REST Super MySuper REST Industry Super AAA 62653671394831
Spirit Super Spirit Super My AutoSuper AAA 74559365913178
StatewideSuper MySuper  Statewide Superannuation AAA 54145196298820
Telstra Super MySuper Telstra Super AAA 85502108833326
TWU MySuper TWUSUPER AAA 77343563307717
UniSuper MySuper Unisuper AAA 91385943850448

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MySuper products are also available from these providers

MySuper product name Offered through Quality Assessment SPIN
Active Super MySuper Active Super AAA 74925979278891
AFLPA & AFL Industry MySuper AMP Superannuation   76514770399263
AMG MySuper AMG Super AAA 30099320583460
AMIST MySuper Australian Meat Industry Super AAA 28342064803589
AMP Custom MySuper AMP Superannuation AAA 76514770399177
AMP MySuper AMP Superannuation AAA 73310248809211
AMP SDF MySuper AMP Superannuation AAA 78421957449538
Anglican National MySuper AMP Superannuation   76514770399065
ANZ Smart Choice Super OnePath AAA 53789980697928
ANZ Staff MySuper ANZ Staff Super AAA 83810127567770
Aon MySuper AON Superannuation   68964712340201
Asgard Employee MySuper BT Funds Management AAA 90194410365092
AustEthical MySuper Australian Ethical Super   49633667743656
AustPost MySuper AMP Superannuation   76514770399425
AvSuper MySuper AvSuper AAA 84421446069940
Bendigo MySuper Bendigo Super Plan   57526653420532
Betros MySuper Betros Brothers Super   36338171504306
BHP Billiton MySuper BHP Billiton Super Fund   30187082512868
BOC MySuper BOC Super   49620344668116
Brookfield Australia MySuper AMP Superannuation   76514770399288
BT Business MySuper Westpac Securities Administration AAA 81236903448174
BT Lifetime Employer MySuper BT Funds Management AAA 39827542991267
BUSSQ MySuper BUSS(Q) AAA 85571332201413
Catholic Super & Retirement MySuper Catholic Super & Retirement Fund   24680629023451
CCA MySuper AMP Superannuation   76514770399923
CFS FirstChoice MySuper Colonial First State Investments AAA 26458298557923
Club MySuper Club Super (Qld)   12737334298988
Club Plus Super - MySuper Club Plus Super AAA 95275115088045
Combined Fund MySuper Combined Fund   46921400504992
Commonwealth Essential MySuper Colonial First State Investments   56601925435909
ConceptOne MySuper  Concept One   21059451252728
Dulux MySuper Dulux Super Fund   91132102426461
Elphinstine Mysuper Elphinstone Group Super   77408077215271
EmPlus MySuper EmPlus Super   18838658991615
Equipsuper MySuper Equipsuper AAA 33813823017672
EquitySuper MySuper Equity Trustees   38531644711698
EquitySuper MySuper MyLife Executive Super   60998717367002
First Super MySuper First Super   56286625181006
Flexible Benefits Board MySuper Flexible Benefits Super Fund   17029067264719
Glidepath/Gateway MySuper Qantas Super   41272198829376
GS & JBWere MySuper GS & JBWere Super   55697537183245
Guild Retirement Fund (MySuper) Guild Super   22599554834526
IAG&NRMA MySuper IAG & NRMA Super AAA 58244115920022
IBM MySuper AustralianSuper   65714394898299
Incetec MySuper Active Balanced Incetec Super Fund   68569795856660
Intrust MySuper Intrust AAA 65704511371601
IOOF MySuper (Employer) IOOF Super AAA 70815369818036
Kinetic MySuper Kinetic Super AAA 78984178687643
Komatsu MySuper AustralianSuper   65714394898487
Legal Super MySuper Legal Super AAA 60346078879190
LESF MySuper LESF   13704288646380
LGIAsuper MySuper Lifecycle Q Local Govt Super AAA 23053121564638
Lutheran MySuper Lutheran Super Fund AAA 93371348387621
Macquarie Group MySuper AMP Superannuation   76514770399830
Maritime Mysuper Maritime Super   77455663441220
Max Super MySuper Max Super   22508720840874
Mercer Santos MySuper Mercer Super   19905422981977
Mercer SmartPath Mercer Super AAA 19905422981252
Mercer WGSP MySuper Mercer Super   19905422981588
Mercy MySuper Mercy Super   11789425178832
MIESF MySuper Meat Industry Employees Super   17317520544110
Mine Super MySuper AUSCOAL AAA 16457520308485
MLC MySuper MLC AAA 44928361101128
MLC MySuper MLC Super Fund   70732426024883
My Ethical Super Christian Super AAA 66628776348908
MyCatholicSuper CatholicSuper AAA 50237896957373
NAB Staff MySuper MLC Super Fund   70732426024770
NABGSF MySuper NAB Group Staff Super   59929570050983
NESS MySuper NSW Electrical Super   72229227691044
NGS MySuper NGS AAA 73549180515789
NSF MySuper NSF   15201768813143
Perpetual MySuper Perpetual Superannuation   51068260563643
Pitcher Retirement MySuper Pitcher Retirement Plan   15828677472277
Plum MySuper PLUM Super Fund   20339905340070
QIEC MySuper QIEC Super   15549636673397
QSuper Lifetime MySuper QSuper AAA 60905115063329
Quadrant MyChoices MySuper Quadrant Super AAA 12727521796484
Rio Tinto Fund MySuper Rio Tinto Staff Super   98438661856553
Russell MySuper Russell Supersolutions Master Trust   89384753567742
Smartsave MySuper Smartsave Choice Master Trust   43905581638590
Suncorp Everyday MySuper for Business Suncorp AAA 98350952022938
Sunsuper for Life Sunsuper AAA 98503137921996
TIS MySuper Transport Industry Super   68564370287497
Toyota MySuper (Toyota Australia) Toyota Australia Super   38463889442757
Toyota MySuper (Toyota Employees) Toyota Employees Super   58208377062238
United Technologies MySuper United Technologies Retirement   33227241196186
VicSuper MySuper VicSuper   85977964496198
Virgin Super Essentials Virgin Super   88436608094943
Vision MySuper Vision Super AAA 24496637884417
VISSF MySuper VIS Nominees AAA 37024873660599
WA Local MySuper WA Local Government Super AAA 18159499614451
WA Water MySuper Water Corporation Super   16095780345647
Westpac Group Plan MySuper BT Funds Management   39827542991329
Woolworths Group MySuper AMP Superannuation   76514770399264
Worsely Alumina MySuper Worseley Alumina Super Fund   51469547458581

For more information regarding the SelectingSuper Quality Assessments, please click here.

OneSuper to take on more super products
22 April 2024, 12:46pm
Following on from the news that it would now be home to Spaceship Super, OneSuper will further bolster its funds under management through the transfer of another sub-plan, home to several super products. Read more

When comparing super funds and considering what is right for you, look for funds displaying the AAA Quality Assessment and Rainmaker SelectingSuper Award logos.