SelectingSuper Quality Assessments

The SelectingSuper Quality Assessments represent a detailed review of a superannuation or retirement product providers quality.

This page lists the superannuation and retirement products that have been awarded the SelectingSuper AAA Quality Assessment.

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Logo Product Name(s) Quality
AMG Personal Super
AustralianSuper Corporate Solutions
AustralianSuper Pension
AustralianSuper Personal Plan
AustSafe Super
AustSafe Super - Pension
CareSuper Pension
CareSuper Personal Plan
Cbus Industry Super
Cbus Personal Super
Cbus Sole Traders Super
Cbus Super Income Stream
Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Accumulate Plus
Commonwealth Bank Group Super - Retirement Access
Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme
Energy Industries Superannuation Scheme - Account-Based Pension Plan
Energy Super
Energy Super Income Stream
First State Superannuation Scheme
First State Super - Personal Division
First State Super - Superannuation Income Streams
HESTA Super Fund
HESTA Super Fund - Personal
HESTA Income Stream
HOSTPLUS - Personal Super
IAG & NRMA Superannuation Plan
ING DIRECT Living Super
ING DIRECT Living Super - Pension Account
LUCRF Super Personal Plan
LUCRF Pensions
Media Super
Media Super Personal
Media Super Retirement Pension
MTAA Superannuation Fund
MTAA Super RetireSafe
MTAA Super Term Allocated Pension
MTAA Super Pension
MTAA Super Personal
Prime Super
Prime Super - Personal
Prime Super - Superannuation Income Stream
REI Super
REI Super Pension

REST Corporate
REST Pension
REST Super
Statewide Super
Statewide Personal Super
Telstra Super Corporate Plus
Telstra Super Personal Plus
Telstra Super RetireAccess
Vision Super
Other AAA assessed products:

Acumen Corporate Super

AMIST Pension

AMIST Super Employer Sponsored Division

AMIST Super Personal Division

AMP CustomSuper

AMP Flexible Lifetime Allocated Pension

AMP Flexible Lifetime Super

AMP Flexible Lifetime Term Pension

AMP Flexible Super - Super Account

AMP Retirement Directions Allocated Pension Plan

AMP SignatureSuper

AMP Super Directions - Personal Super Plan

AMP Super Directions for Business

ANZ Australian Staff Superannuation Scheme

ANZ Australian Staff Super Scheme - Account Based Pension

ANZ Smart Choice Pension

ANZ Smart Choice Super - Employer

ANZ Smart Choice Super - Personal

ANZ Super Advantage

Aon Master Trust - Pension

Asgard Employee Superannuation Account

Asgard Infinity eWrap Super Account

Asgard Infinity eWrap Pension Account

Asgard Superannuation Account


AvSuper Public Offer Account

AvSuper Retirement Income Stream

BT Business Super

BT Lifetime Flexible Pension

BT Lifetime Super Employer Plan

BT Lifetime Super Personal Plan

BT Super for Life - Retirement

BT Super for Life - Savings

BUSS(Q) MySuper

BUSS(Q) Pension Choice

BUSS(Q) Premium Choice

Catholic Super

Catholic Super Pension

Catholic Super Personal Plan

Christian Super

Christian Super Pension

Club Plus Industry Division

Club Plus Pension

Club Plus Super Personal Division

Colonial First State - FirstChoice Employer Super

Colonial First State - FirstChoice Pension

Colonial First State - FirstChoice Wholesale Pension

Colonial First State - FirstChoice Wholesale Personal Super

Combined Super Pension

Equipsuper Express

Equipsuper Personal

Equipsuper Pensions

ESSSuper Accumulation Plan

ESSSuper Beneficiary Account

ESSSuper Income Streams

GESB Retirement Income Allocated Pension

GESB Super


IAG & NRMA Superannuation Plan

Integra Super (Corporate Division)

Integra Super (Personal Division)

Intrust Super - Core Super

IOOF Employer Super - Employer

IOOF Employer Super - Pension

IOOF Employer Super - Personal

IOOF Portfolio Service Allocated Pension

IOOF Portfolio Service Corporate Superannuation

IOOF Portfolio Service Employer Superannuation

IOOF Portfolio Service Personal Superannuation

Kinetic Smart Pension

Kinetic Super


legalsuper - Pension

legalsuper - Personal

LGS Account-Based Pension Plan

LGS Accumulation Scheme

Local Government Superannuation Scheme (QLD)

Local Government Superannuation Scheme (QLD) Pensions

Lutheran Super

Lutheran Super - Pension

MAP Pension Plan

MAP Superannuation Plan

Maritime Super Allocated Pension

Mercer Super Trust - Corporate Super Division

Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Account-based Pension

Mine Wealth + Wellbeing Super

MLC MasterKey Allocated Pension

MLC MasterKey Business Super

MLC MasterKey Superannuation

netwealth Super Accelerator Personal Super

netwealth Super Accelerator Standard Income Stream

netwealth Super Wrap Personal Super

netwealth Super Wrap Standard Income Stream

NGS Income Stream

NGS Super

NGS Super Personal

North Personal Pension

North Personal Superannuation

OneAnswer Frontier Pension

OneAnswer Frontier Personal Super

OnePath Corporate Super

OnePath Corporate Super - Personal

Perpetual WealthFocus Pension Plan

Perpetual WealthFocus Super Plan

Plum Personal Plan

Pursuit Core Allocated Pension

Pursuit Core Personal Superannuation

Pursuit Select Allocated Pension

Pursuit Select Personal Superannuation

QSuper Accumulation Account

QSuper Income Account

Retirement Benefits Fund Board - RBF Account Based Pension

Retirement Benefits Fund Board - RBF Investment Account

Russell SuperSolution Personal Division

Southern State Superannuation Scheme

State Super Allocated Pension Fund

Suncorp Everyday Super

Suncorp Everyday Super for business

Suncorp Everyday Super Pension

Sunsuper for life Corporate

Sunsuper for Life - Income Account

Sunsuper for Life - Super-Saving Account

Super SA Income Stream


TASPLAN - TasPersonal

TASPLAN - Tasplan Pension

The Victorian Independent Schools Superannuation Fund

The Victorian Independent Schools Super Fund - Pension




Vision Income Streams

Vision Personal Plan

Vision Super Saver

WA Super Retirement Solutions

Wealthtrac Superannuation Master Trust - Super Division

Zurich Account-Based Pension


More products are being assessed by SelectingSuper. If your provider is not listed in this table, ask it why.

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