Personal super top 10 for insurance - income protection

Best value insurance for high risk occupational fund members. This is based on a 30 day waiting period.

This table describes the best overall value deal, where insurance cover is presented as how much $1.00 per week in premiums is worth in terms of cover.

Rank Product Name Segment Cover per $1 week
(40yr old)
1 AMIST Super Personal Division Industry $909
2 GROW Super - Personal Industry $824
3 MTAA Super Personal Industry $726
4 Equip MyFuture Personal Industry $713
5 EISS Super - Personal Industry $696
6 smartMonday DIRECT Master Trust $683
7 Aon Master Trust - Personal Master Trust $683
8 CareSuper Personal Plan Industry $654
9 The Executive Super Fund - Personal Master Trust $639
10 BT Lifetime Super Persona Master Trust $635
  Average (median)   $597

Note this table describes the value or buying power of your insurance deal, it does not represent how
much it may cost you based on your personal circumstances. If you are unsure, ask your fund for details.

For details on how SelectingSuper makes sense of insurance, please click here.

This table was last updated in October 2019.

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When comparing super funds and considering what is right for you, look for funds displaying the AAA Quality Assessment and Rainmaker SelectingSuper Award logos.

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