HESTA Super Fund


More people in health and community services choose HESTA for their super.

With more than 25 years of experience in the sector, we have more than 800,000 members and $32 billion in assets.

HESTA is the fund for health and community services. Our members include those working in aged care, private and public hospitals, community services, primary health care and early childhood education and care.

HESTA's size means we can keep our fees low and provide education and advice to members about their super, at no extra cost.

There are 13 Trustee Directors on HESTA's Board, with equal appointments from employee and employer organisations in health and community services and an Independent Chair. This ensures member and employer voices are heard and their views considered when decisions are made.

HESTA maintains the highest rating from all ratings agencies including SelectingSuper's AAA Quality Rating. Core Pool, HESTA's default option, was SelectingSuper's 2014 MySuper of the Year.

Product Inception Date




Year Established


Fund Value

$32 billion

Fund Membership


Key Features

  • Our default option, Core Pool, has an investment objective of CPI + 4% because we recognise the importance of strong investment returns to the retirement savings of our members.
  • Low fees - no entry, exit or contribution fees.
  • Australia-wide membership - your digital member card makes it easier to take HESTA to your new job and keep track of your super.
  • Default Income Protection Cover to age 67 and Death Cover to age 75. Lump-sum Total and Permanent Disablement Cover also available.
  • Members can access personal advice about super at no extra cost, and comprehensive financial planning on a fee-for-service basis.
  • Easy employer administration - QuickSuper clearing house is SuperStream-compliant and available free to HESTA employers, with administrative support available to all.
  • Professional fund management - our investment managers are monitored by our investment consultant, in conjunction with our Investments and Governance Unit, and Board.
  • Investment choice - HESTA offers four Ready-Made Investment Pools, seven Your Choice Asset Classes or members can customise their own mix.
  • Incorporating Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) factors - HESTA is one of Australia's largest investors in renewable energy, climate solutions and other green investments. HESTA's fund managers are required to consider ESG factors when evaluating the companies we invest in.
  • Post-work options - stay with us when you retire or while transitioning to retirement with HESTA Income Stream.

Investment Option Descriptions

Investment Option Names Description Medium term (5yrs) investment objective Long term (10yrs) investment objective
Conservative Pool Invests in a diversified portfolio, including unlisted assets, with a growth weighting around 35%. CPI + 2.5% CPI + 3%
Core Pool (our MySuper default option) Invests in a highly diversified portfolio, including unlisted assets, with a growth exposure of around 73%. CPI + 3.5% CPI + 4%
Shares Plus Invests in a diversified portfolio including assets other than shares, such as global credit and unlisted assets. CPI + 4.5% CPI + 4.5%
Eco Pool Has a diversified portfolio of assets, while investing in companies demonstrating best practice sustainability performance. CPI + 3.5% CPI + 4%
Your Choice Members can choose from seven asset class options, which can be blended to create a tailored investment approach. Based on benchmarks for each asset class Based on benchmarks for each asset class

Investment Option Performance

Investment Option Names Growth Asset Weighting 1 year 3 years 5 years
Conservative Pool Defensive 64.3% Growth 35.7% 8.77% 8.28% 6.96%
Core Pool Defensive 27% Growth 73% 13.10% 12.47% 9.50%
Shares Plus Defensive 11.7% Growth 88.3% 14.94% 14.44% 9.922%
Eco Pool Defensive 30% Growth 70% 17.85% 16.37% 10.232%
Cash Defensive 100% Growth 0% 2.55% 2.90% 3.42%
Global Bonds Defensive 100% Growth 0% 7.50% 5.83% 6.60%
Property Defensive 63.5% Growth 36.5% 11.58% 8.82% 8.40%
Infrastructure Defensive 55% Growth 45% 8.41% 9.18% 9.70%
International Shares Defensive 0% Growth 100% 21.02% 18.31% 11.09%
Australian Shares Defensive 0% Growth 100% 11.92% 14.59% 9.20%
Private Equity Defensive 10% Growth 90% 18.59% 14.88% 13.52%

Growth Asses Weighting as at 1 September 2014, Performance to 31 March 2015

Insurance Options Available

Death only, Death & TPD, Income Protection

Extra Benefits Available

Financial Advice - Limited, Financial Advice - Full Financial Planning, Online Account Access, Online Investment Switching, Business Loans*, Home Loans*, Insurance - Private Health*. HESTA members can also access special banking benefits on credit cards, personal loans, savings and transaction accounts, term deposits, investment property loans through ME.

Member Communications

Newsletters for Members, Education Seminars, PDSs available on our website, monthly investment performance is available on our website. A half-yearly record of contributions in addition to an annual statement, access to regular email updates about super and investing.

Employer Services

Online payment options, clearing house, national support service with Client Relationship Managers for every state/territory, monthly contribution advices, newsletters, employer magazines.

Fees & Charges

Investment fee Nil
Administration fee* $65 p.a. ($1.25 per week - deducted from your account at the end of each month or when you close your account)
Buy-sell spread Nil
Switching fee Nil
Exit fee Nil
Advice fees relating to all members Nil
Other fees and costs See Fees and costs at hesta.com.au/pds for information about activity fees, insurance fees and advice fees for personal advice
Indirect cost ratio Range of 0.13% - 4.45% 
Core Pool 0.82% p.a.
(deducted from the assets of HESTA before investment returns are declared)

Fees as at 1 September 2014
*Deducted from the assets of HESTA before interest rates are declared each month

Service Providers

Service Providers
Administrator Superpartners Pty Ltd (part of LINK Group)
Asset Consultant Frontier Advisers Pty Ltd
Auditor Pricewaterhouse Coopers
Custodian JPMorgan Chase Bank
Insurer CommInsure
Lawyer Holding Redlich
Mills Oakley Lawyers
HWL Ebsworth

$32 billion
SelectingSuper's Super Fund of the Year Award
Principal Contact
Debby Blakey
Member Telephone
1800 813 327
Employer Telephone
1800 813 327
Member Fax
1300 368 636
PO Box 600, Carlton South Vic 3053
Member Email
Employer Email
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